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What is local pet hospitality?


Merriam Webster's Dictionary defines hospitality as, “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests or hospitable treatment.”


Hospitality implies warmth, respect, and appreciation.  I feel this not only goes for all people but also for their pets. Moving in to a new house (and community) is a BIG deal for everyone, even for the furriest family member... new sights, new smells, new neighbors, and new routines.  Locally Lindy helps to provide that little, extra, something special in welcoming the entire family "home."  

Locally Lindy is also a company families can call for vacation support in caring for a pet in their own home (daytime only), vet and grooming appointment transportation, and hand-delivered specialty pet treats homemade with love specific for their pet.  

From our door to your door, pet hospitality at its finest!


I've lived in the south metro for over 16 years and have been in a hospitality role serving people for over 22 years.  Having my own pup Mollie Lou, and many past pets, I know and appreciate that they are a special part of a family and they deserve the best!